Posschain is a multi-chain PoS Network focused on Interoperability, Scalability, and Usability. At its core, it utilizes an AI-enabled Proof of Stake algorithm, multi-layered consensus model, and voting-based governance.

It can attain higher levels of scalability using advanced sharding, along with pipelining, chunking, and parallel transaction processing.
These technologies have made it possible for the Posschain network to be infinitely scalable and achieve significantly higher throughput and efficiency. Posschain is a proper multi-chain communication solution that enables cross-chain registries and cross-chain computation protocols.


We are working for an innovative and technological development-oriented blockchain infrastructure.

One of the practical approaches to overcome the performance and scalability limitations of current blockchain protocols is to use true sharding to split the overhead of processing transactions among multiple, smaller groups of nodes. In parallel, these groups work to optimize performance while requiring substantially smaller communication, computing, and storage per node, enabling the device to scale to large networks.

Posschain is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning principles at the core of its blockchain- its consensus, together with side chains and off-chain transaction processing to accelerate block broadcasting to the chain and scaling out through asynchronous consensus zones.

Posschain overcomes the security concerns associated with blockchain technology, such as 51% attacks and vendor exploits, by combing secure multi-party computation and attribute-based encryption and other security practices such as committee reconfiguration and zero-knowledge proof. These proven security practices enable anyone to transact freely and securely in the Posschain ecosystem.

A lot of research is being done into creating accurate cross-chain communication between the various blockchains. Posschain has combined some of these solutions to create one hybrid cross-chain communication protocol. This hybrid solution uses hash-locking, notary schemes, and blockchain bridges, together with trusted relays, side chains, and blockchain migrators. Thus, creating an advanced solution that allows the Posschain blockchain to become the internet of blockchains.
Our blockchain ecosystem incorporates a combination of public blockchain sharding, an optimal AI-powered consensus, and a cross-chain and cross-shard communication protocol into a hybrid solution that is a Byzantine fault and has very high throughputs through block pipelining.


All cutting-edge technology requires a vast amount of research to become the frontier in its field.

Posschain’s team, which consists of professionals from various academic disciplines, has done an extensive research to understand the technical limitations that blockchain technology faces and develop a philosophical understanding of the human psyche to discover some of the objections people have about blockchain technology. We at Posschain are proud to announce that we have answered all of the questions that formed the basis for our research and have presented it in a simplified, secure, and scalable solution – the Posschain blockchain ecosystem.