Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the POSSCHAIN Network.

What is Posschain?

Posschain is Multi Chain PoS Network focused on Interoperability, Scalability, and Usability. It utilizes AI-Enabled Proof of Stake Algorithm, a Multi-Layered Consensus Model, and Voting Based Governance.
It would attain a higher level of Scalability using Advanced Sharding and Pipelining and Chunking and Parallel Transaction Processing. These technologies have made it possible for the Posschain network to be infinitely scalable and achieve significantly higher throughput and efficiency.

Why is Posschain necessary?

Posschain is a solution to all significant blockchain problems, namely usability, scalability, throughput, security, and interoperability. Posschain solves these issues by combining an AI-controlled consensus protocol, its blockchain sharding layer, and simplified cross-chain communication.

Who created Posschain?

Posschain is community-driven project and relies on its community members for its continuous development. These members include current and future academics, developers, and engineers present in the Posschain community.

How many chains can Posschain connect?

It isn’t easy to give a specific limit as to how many chains can be connected to the Posschain network. All significant public chains and Posschain-linked chains can be connected to the network. Posschain’s optimized and scalable protocol allows for several hundred, if not thousands, chain connections to be made to its framework. Future advancements to the protocol may even increase the upper bound on the limit of connected chains as Posschain aims to become the internet of blockchains.

How does Posschain plan to solve the scalability issue?

Posschain can increase the throughput speed of current blockchain technology linearly through sharding, pipelining, and multilayer technology into one cross-shard and cross-chain communication protocol. The protocol can take many transactions from a large ecosystem and split them into more miniature ecosystems. These smaller ecosystems can then process the transactions in parallel and simultaneously communicate live updates to the different ecosystems. These ecosystems are directly correlated to the size of Posschain’s community. So, the ecosystems will grow as the community grows, resulting in faster throughput of larger volumes.

How can I join the community?

Posschain is open source and community-centric. We welcome new community members with open arms. Whether to keep up to date with Posschain’s exciting progress or contribute to its online platforms, we’d love to hear from you and have you be a part of our growing community!

How can I support Posschain?

There are many ways that you can support the Posschain project, such as joining our Ambassador program, hosting Posschain-related events in your community, or becoming a part of our online community. Join us on all social media platforms!