Our goal is to make a lasting contribution to the blockchain ecosystem by not only addressing the current limitations of blockchain technology through our hybrid software solution but also growing the global blockchain community. Here at Posschain Project, we believe in a genuinely peer-to-peer community. We are actively involved in our community through our hosted events, grant program, and collaborations.
We aim to build a genuinely community-centric platform by instilling community-first behavior within the core beliefs of our team.

Posschain project is centered around our community — our community also chooses our management and developer teams through voting done using our native token on our platform. Funding for the project comes from contributions made by our community. Apart from that, any changes proposed to our blockchain or forum will be voted for or against by our community, creating a genuinely community-driven blockchain.

A truly community-driven blockchain


We are actively involved in our community through outreach and hosted events. We host several events throughout the year: most notably our Hackathon event that we run annually to attract the programming talent that our growing community has to offer.
We also take it upon ourselves to educate the public on blockchain technology’s benefits, risks and uses.


Our team also shares our passion for blockchain technology and is open to collaborating with other blockchain projects; where aside from sharing our technical knowledge, we will sponsor and organize webinars and conferences for these other projects, building a larger developer community.
By integrating and collaborating with different Blockchain platforms and Defi projects, Teams can tap into the support of the broader community of followers that we are looking to build.